The island attracts a diverse set of residents including CEOs, artists, architects, sales leaders, technologists and creatives. Some have lived here for many years but in recent times a number of new families have moved on the island and many of the properties have been extensively renovated and improved.

As you would expect there is a strong sense of community with everyone happy to both have their privacy but also to pitch in and help each other whenever it’s needed. The common bond of water, boats and island life attracts a healthy mix of people. 

And with Hampton Court Park and Bushy Park on our door step, there are over 1,100 acres of free parkland to enjoy with over 320 free roaming deer. Kingston is a short boat ride away where you can moor outside John Lewis/Waitrose and the pleasures of the upper reaches of the non-tidal Thames stretch out in the other direction toward Hampton, Windsor and beyond.