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Sunshine at last on new years day

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Thames Ditton Island (Maintenance and Service) Ltd

TDI (Thames Ditton Island ( m. and s. ) Ltd, is a Limited  company which maintains and services the needs of the Island and its Islanders, the directors of the company being elected by the shareholders of the Island. Each house  having an equal voting share. TDI  also runs this website


Water is piped to the island under the main walk way of the bridge, the water main then runs under the path with branches going to each house,

Water is paid for by the Island, as there is only one meter for the whole island. The individual houses then pay for their water through the maintenance charge.

Having only one meter on the Island means that as a whole we only pay for one standing charge giving all of the residents a considerable saving. There are of course disadvantages to this. These are constantly being reviewed by the board of Directors.


These are brought onto the Island in the same way as the water, house's are individually billed by the relative authorities for these services.


Foul water and waste is removed from the individuals house through the sewer which runs under the path, although constructed in the 1930 s this works remarkably well, the only problems coming when cooking fat is put into the systems, which creates a grey goo which not very often has to be cleaned out.

The whole sewage systems is cleaned with the fire hose three time year. The sewer then runs to the pump house, where through compressed air it is pushed over the bridge into the main system.

For  Thames Water accepting our foul water!  they charge  individual house's,  £100 per annum (approx).


Is permanently under review, at present one week is for land fill refuse (in black bags) the alternate week is recycling  (in clear bags). at the bridge there is a container for food waste (green bags), on the slipway are the glass recycling bins. If you make a mistake and put a glass bottle in a recycling bag or worse in a land refill bag your not only stupid but you will be laughed at by the entire population of Thames Ditton. Even though you pay the same in Council tax as a seven bedroom house in Thames Ditton you have to buy your own black bin bags and food recycling bags, and carry your food waste and bottles up to 350 yards.


The regular postman deliver to each house at about 1100hrs Monday till Saturday.

We have our own post box which is at the junction of the path and the gardens. There is only one collection a day at 1700hrs.


Can be delivered to your door , (see services section.)


Why do we experience such a thrill at being surrounded by water, cut off from the rest of mankind. Imprisoned in a miniature world? Is it because an island is of human scale, easy to comprehend, safe and defensible when the world beyond is big and terrifying.

Henry VIII gets stuck in the traffic at Hampton Court,